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Daricia Wilkinson

I build safe tech that everyone could use

Research Areas:
Responsible AI, HCI, Recommender Systems, User Experience

I am on the job market!  

I'm interested in tenure-track faculty or
research-focused industry roles starting Fall 2024

I am a Post Doctoral Researcher in the FATE group (Fairness, Accountability, Transparency, and Ethics in AI) at Microsoft Research. I am driven by a passion to build safe technology through knowledge creation about the harm that persists because of AI while actively engaging in foundational research to create protective mechanisms through design and governance. As such, my research weaves together strings from Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and Artificial Intelligence to highlight opportunities for fairness, transparency, and justice online. Before joining MSR, I earned my PhD at Clemson University in the Human-Centered Computing program while being advised by Dr. Bart Knijnenburg. During my time at Clemson University, I collaborated with researchers from IBM Research, NortonLifeLock Research Labs (formerly Symantec), Max Planck Institute, and others. I am thankful to have been funded throughout my studies through fellowships from both Meta (formerly Facebook) and Google. I was born and raised in a small twin-island Caribbean federation called St. Kitts-Nevis.



  • General News (Aug '22): I joined the FATE group at Microsoft!

  • General News (Jul '22): I successfully defended my dissertation titled "Fair, Equitable, and Just: A Sociotechnical Approach to Online Safety in the Caribbean"

  • Media News (Jul '22): I was an invited speaker at the Nokia Bell Labs where I spoke about designing for online safety in non-Western contexts.

  • Paper New (Apr '22): I presented "Many Islands, Many Problems: An Empirical Investigation of Online Safety Behaviros in the Caribbean" at the CHI conference.  Read paper...

  • Paper News  (Jan '22): Our paper "Why or why not? The effect of justification styles on chatbot recommendations" was accepted to the TOIS journal and will be presented at the SIGIR Conference in June 2022. Read Paper...

  • Media News (Sep '21): I was invited as a speaker to UNESCO's Artificial Intelligence for Information Accessibility (AI4IA) to talk about recent research on online safety in the Caribbean. Read More...

  • Paper News (Aug '21): My paper "Artificially Intelligent and Inclusive by Design: A Human-Centered Approach to Online Safety" was accepted to IJCAI). Read Paper...

  • Media News (Jul '21): I was invited as a panelist at the Anniversary forum of the Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica where I spoke about importance of safety and privacy for online discourse. View Clip...

  • Research News (Sep '20): Collaborating with HOPE Nevis Inc, I will be serving as the PI on a grant to study online safety behaviors in the Caribbean. Read More...

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